Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Dear B,
Today is yer Day.

That supposed to be celebrate it with someone that you love, you care and you hope for..

I was hoping too, to have dinner with u alone..
i know you will asking me for it,
and you knew what my answer..
i was that scare to accept it..

i know ya hate me cuz of this..
i know ya cant accept what i did ..
i hope ya can understand my feelin..
i hope ya can remember what the reason behind..

am deadly love for spending times with you..
am deadly hope that we can have a great nice dinner..
you and i, knows that we really looking for that chance..
when the chance is coming .. i cant grab it..
sorry ..

i make u sad..
i make u disappointed..
i make both of us cried..
i make both of us upset..
i never want this happen, ever.. but what can i "do" ?

am so damn sorry to ruin yer bday this year..
am sorry ruin yer plan that might you've been plan it..
am sorry am not a risk taker.. am sorry for all mistakes today!
i dont wanna lose you Hun...

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