Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009.

Dear God,
Thank you for another chance for steppin into the new year.
Thank you for all what you'd given to me back in 2008.
All that oppurtunities. all the good and bad times. all the tears, of happiness and sadness.
all the times that meant alot to me.

Dear God,
Another year, i have to run it.
of course, i shud run it well, very well.
all your trust, i shud not obey it.
i should know, how grateful i am.
I really wish and hoping that, in this new year,
I could be a better person [ever]
I could still be able to take care my family.
for the successfull in my career
for the health
for the happiness
for the good things that should happen to me.

Thank you for all the chances..

i am not asking for more than happiness and no more sad tears.
if my time is arrive, may i have the highest dream of all?

i wanna get married with some1 that love me for who i am.
who loves me as much as my family.
who can be accepted with my big family as well as my best friends.

if my time for build a family is here,
please let me know,
and please allow me to make it come true.

I need your help, your bless,
i need you to lead me the way.
cuz i didnt know what shud i do more..
sometimes i feel alone .. am so sad.
everyone is need me, but they didnt know how am bloody desperate bout my own life.

Dear God
Please forgive me.
I just need the happiness and smiles on my face, my dream, my life.
i dont wanna die useless.
I know now, that You will not let me cry for this year and ahead..
Thank you, Allah SWT!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I am so damn tired..

today im hit the 28 year- old..

what did i do?
what did am done?
what do i expect more..?
what do i dream of..??

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear B,
Thank you for your Love,
Thank you for loving me as I am ..
Thank you for understand me ..
Thank you for being you..

I love you as much as i care of you..
I am here for you .. as much as i want you to be here..

Hugs and love for you - always.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Dear B,
Today is yer Day.

That supposed to be celebrate it with someone that you love, you care and you hope for..

I was hoping too, to have dinner with u alone..
i know you will asking me for it,
and you knew what my answer..
i was that scare to accept it..

i know ya hate me cuz of this..
i know ya cant accept what i did ..
i hope ya can understand my feelin..
i hope ya can remember what the reason behind..

am deadly love for spending times with you..
am deadly hope that we can have a great nice dinner..
you and i, knows that we really looking for that chance..
when the chance is coming .. i cant grab it..
sorry ..

i make u sad..
i make u disappointed..
i make both of us cried..
i make both of us upset..
i never want this happen, ever.. but what can i "do" ?

am so damn sorry to ruin yer bday this year..
am sorry ruin yer plan that might you've been plan it..
am sorry am not a risk taker.. am sorry for all mistakes today!
i dont wanna lose you Hun...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dear Hun..

Hope you are ok there.. i miss you a lot and worries about you too..
i was wondering, where were you that nite .. we didnt meet eachother.. i miss you so much .. i know that you need some times there, thats why i give you the time, in fact its reall hard.. cuz i can not hold my feeling for not missing you, for not calling you and for not "chatting" with you.. i really wants to hear any news from you. is it becoz the new job??

sabar ya Sayang .. emang perlu adjustable .. i know u can do it, Hun.. - i am here for you.

kangeen bngt .. got yer call in the mornin waking me up ..

kangeen bngt ., got yer night call before my bed time is up..

kangeen bngt ..

hmm.. besok aku "balancing" kapal di rumah, hun .. terus jumat mudah2an kita bisa ketemu ya.. bisa ngobrol lagi.. oya sabtu aku insya allah motoin Butet di Gereja, sabtu ny Akad Nikah ny ACA.. aku pengeeen bngt kamu dampingin aku ke akad ny acahe.. huhuh .. cuma kaya ny belum bisa ya Sayang ..

ya udah .. kamu SMS aku ya, kalo dah bisa aku "ganggu" ehehehe ..

Sayang Kamu ..

Miss You..